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Jesus what is wrong with this world?…


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This is a sad state of affairs that we live in. How on earth have we let our children get this bad? It is stories like this that will help bring about breeding licensing and the requirement for government approved family planning. Like something out of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”. This is some seriously scary s**t.

Hours after being suspended for threating to kill a teacher, this 12 year old girl comes back to campus with a bandanna wrapped around her face and a loaded handgun. Finds and Points the gun at two coaches, threatening to kill them. Nobody was hurt, but the middle school was ‘locked down’

Code idea


I am beginning work on a project I am going to name myreplcluster. This will consist of a ruby daemon that will monitor replication actively, heartbeat between master and slave and manage fail over of the master to the slave and yes, back again. It will take quite a bit of time but I decided to lay out the pseudo code this weekend and work from there. Like many of my good ideas, I seldom get time to work on them so this will take some time but I think it will add some value to the community.

Lemme know your thoughts or send me any code snippits you may have that could help.



Eff the effin RedSox!!!


Just one night after clinching the AL Wild Card, the Yankees have decided to kick it up a notch, BAM!!. After being taken down by the Twins, the RedSox have allowed the Yankees to gain position in the AL East. We are only 2 games behind, the pitching is looking good and our bats are alive. Look out Boston, we are gunning for you!


Looking good


So I finally gave up on that last theme I was using. The guy who ported the abac theme to wordpress should run his stuff through an html/css validator. Coincidentally one can be found here. Thanks to Tom for the help with site. I got this theme at The author, “small potato”, writes some really nice code. While I digg the look, yes pun intended, I am more partial to orange and blue so I will be redoing the greens to be more orange in the near future but other than that, I like it.


No updates??? WTF?


Sorry, I am trying to work through some site building issues. Essentially my site pulls up fine in my favorite browsers but not in IE. I guess I really shouldn’t care because my site is really for me and for the few that actually get there but I do care so please bear with me as I get these issues resolved.


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