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More police brutality



I cannot believe this atrocity went unpunished. We need to do something as a nation to quell this resurgence of police brutality. I know this happened last year but this seems to be an ongoing and growing problem. I would love to hear any and all comments on this.

Read more In the NY Times


Yanks pulling closer


After tonights 2-1 victory over the O’s and a stunning sweep of the RedSox by the Jays, the NewYork Yankees pull within 1.5 games of the AL East. I for one have felt all season that clinching the AL East was a foregone conclusion. Of course the Yankees did all they could to try and make me doubt myself but alas I was steadfast. A friend of a friend of mine is a HUGE RedSox fan and has tried all season as well to sway me. He will read this post soon and feel shamed. While the season isn’t anywhere near over you gotta admit the Yanks are hitting it hard and coming up fast. Of course it always helps when the RedSox fall into their yearly post All-Star break slump :-D



There are just 2.5 games separating the NewYork Yankees and the Boston RedSox. Boston fans need to be asking themselves, “What happened to our 14 game lead?”. The answer is simple… the RedSox fizzle after the break. Sure they are a good team, no one could contest that. They just happen to be one of those clubs that plays their best in the first half of the season and of course in the playoffs. It must be disheartening for a RedSox fan to think about how many years they have had their hopes up, only to see them dashed away in the last 2 months of the season. Last year, Tek got hurt, bye bye Boston. This year their star player, Manny Ramirez, suffers back problems… bye bye Boston. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they aren’t going to get to the playoffs but they certainly don’t have the momentum they had 2-3 months ago. The Yankees look strong, the bats are alive, pitching is well… a sore spot. If we can just get that last thing together, there will be no stopping us this year. I look forward to the next 11 games of the season, do you Boston?

“Don’t taze me bro!”


I had this passed on to me and frankly can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about it. When the parents of our fallen soldiers are asked what they gave their lives for, the democrat ones may say “Oil”. The republican ones may say “To stop terrorism”. I used to think it was “The proliferation of liberty to a nation with none”. I wonder if the soldiers in Afghanistan and “the Iraq” know that the freedom they are spreading over there is being sucked out of the US??? What right did the police have to use such force on this kid? I don’t dispute the fact that after they asked him to leave, he acted like a douche bag but jesus! 5 to 7 officers couldn’t restrain this one guy? It wasn’t like he was hopped up on PCP or anything. I hope that this heinous act of violence by the U of F security force doesn’t go unpunished. Just my 2 cents.


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