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Uhhh… what the f…


There’s POO in them thar hills


Ok, so here is a quick and gross story.

I went to the bathroom at work to take care of my manly man business, you know, drop a deuce.

There are only 2 stalls in the bathroom where I work and one is ADA approved, for those that don’t know what that is, it is the stall with the little rails in it.  I like that one just in case I need to bear down.

When I walk into my favorite stall I find myself greeted by chocolate snake in the water.  Now this guy had to be as big as John Holmes’ wang mind you.

What troubled me at first was that, damnit, someone didn’t flush.  So the stall was filled with an odor that still makes me want to puke now just typing about it.  Just before I hit the flush lever, it dawned on me “Dude! there’s no paper in the toilet!!!!!”

Maraka RULEZ!!!


I am gonna kick your A**


New artist in my musical stable


So I happened to stumble upon this guy, mind you he isn’t a new artist but what I consider a hidden gem. His name is Mat Kearney and he plays both guitar and piano on his CD. With the scarcity of singer/songwriters in this day and age, he is refreshing to listen to. His lyrics will sweep you away to a place you haven’t been in years. The use of minor keys keeps the music mellow but not sad. Give him a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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