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Look there! Just above your head!


So I was standing in front of the elevator in the parking garage, a source for much amusement for me, see “You might be a mexican if…”. I hear a little squeak and immediately think “Oh cool, there are rats in here. I wonder how big they are?”. Immediately I start looking around in the corners, but there was nothing interesting to be found. Then I hear it again… above me. I look up and what do I see?

little bat

A bat! He was so cute I wanted to take him home in my pocket but alas, rabies, Henipavirus, Nipah virus and so on.



I saw this on the way to work today and immediately thought of my loving wife. She is terrified to drive next to a large truck and being that most of our highways here in San Antonio are major shipping lanes we see quite a few of them. I laughed thinking of the shriek she would let out if she had been in the car when I passed it on the right side, clearly labeled “SUICIDE”.

suicide truck

Maybe now they will catch on…


Over the past few weeks more and more musicians have been pulling away from the record industry and signing contracts with companies that will offer direct to consumer distribution. Among the list, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Oasis and now none other than Madonna. The funny thing here is that while all of these artists have had their time in the sun one would argue that they aren’t anywhere near as popular as they once were. So this can go one of two ways as I see it.

  1. The market for these older musicians will not produce the funds they imagined and they come back to the recording industry.
  2. The record industry falls apart and we start to see artists that we are actually interested in hearing break away from recording contracts

Only time will tell. There is more on this story at

I ain’t gonna cry… much


I had this elaborate post all written out about how sad I am that the Yankees lost in the first round of the playoffs but then I read Tom’s comments to my previous post and decided against it. I am not going to give him the pleasure of my misery. Keep in mind that Tom is a dirty Dodgers fan, they haven’t had glory since the days of Kirk Gibson so I am not sure how he feels he has the room to talk but I digress. It’s over, the Yankees lost to Cleveland and now Joe Torre’s job is on the line and A-Rod has 10 days after the world series to decide if he wants to stay in New York. It is a sad sad day for Yankees fans all over the world.


Pam Anderson marries… again… wonder when the tape will be out?


According to the Herald Sun

Pamela Anderson has married none other than Rick Salomon. You might know him from the Paris Hilton Sex Tape ordeal a few years back. Although persons who have viewed the footage, they will remain unnamed, would argue that you wouldn’t know him from the video since you only see him for a minute or two followed by gratuitous shots of his penis. I wonder when the new sex tape will leak. Mind you that I am not waiting with bated breath for this, comeon Anderson is all dried up and old, but you kinda have to expect it.


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