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Congratulations Baron Schwartz


This guy loves MySQL performance. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not easily impressed by even myself let alone anyone else. I have to say I am impressed with his depth of knowledge and the quality of his presentation. I am skeptical of the Maatkit still. The “visual explain” demonstration provided output that, to me, looked less clear than an explain. Now to give Baron the benefit of the doubt, I have been reading EXPLAIN output for many many moons so it may just be that I have Stockholm syndrome. Anyway, Baron knows his stuff and I recommend him as a strong resource, I know I will be pestering him with questions in the days to come.

Way to go Baron!

MySQL Conference 2008 first day of sessions


I have to say that I am thus far not impressed with the first two sessions at this years conference. I went to the MySQL Online backups which should have been named MySQL Online Backups in 6 Alpha. I understand they need to drive traffic by spicing up the name but I felt duped. The second was a 45 minute presentation held by R1Soft which consisted of 30 minutes of explaining how their competitors are shit and then 5 minutes of slides that essentially said they kicked ass. I am just about to get started with “Explain Demystified”. Baron, the creator of Maatkit, is presenting and this looks to be the first usable presentation I will be attending.

New threadless tee


Harper Reed is the bestest guy in the whole wide world. He just gave me this tshirt.


Lua is for the suck


We finished the first half of “MySQL Proxy – The Complete Tutorial” and I have one conclusion thus far… Lua blows! Ok Ok Ok YES I realize it is an embedded language and is very low overhead. But how do you implement a scripting language with broken regex??? The fact that I can’t do case insensitive regex matches makes this the worst language I can ever think of using. I mean, come on! I am an OO believer so using a procedural language alone makes me cringe but this is just crap.

First quarter notes


MySQL Proxy is pretty cool! We got to see Guissepe’s examples to use mysql proxy to display an image, open an external application and even play a copy of Beowolf (labeled “cd1″). Perhaps he has a downloaded copy from a legal service that breaks movies up into cds… lets just give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, his stuff from the conference tutorial is here:

more to come…

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