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Jeez I know the economy is bad but…


So as I am sitting at my desk writing some code, I get the hankerin’ for some delicious animal crackers. I open up my little change box, which is full of pennies and a dollar bill and I head over to the snack machine to get me some goodness. In goes the dollar. Then I press the magic numbers… 1…6…8 and BAM my money gets returned. Thinking this to be a grievous error on my part I repeat the process… 1…6…8 and then I see it, the price was not the 85 cents as advertised, it was a little more.


mmmmm Sangwiches


In case you were wondering what a tasty sangwich and minestrone soup looked like, here it is:


Me an the boys stopped off at Central Market for some lunch today. If you haven’t been there, go now cause you have already missed out on way too much!

Tasty Deliciousness


So for the past few months, me and my buds from work have started a tradition. Every Monday, following a payday, we go over to Joe’s Crabshack. During this visit we chow down on some tasty shrimp and crabs, or “sea roaches” and “sea spiders” if you listen to my friend Ron. This week we decided to “kick it up a notch” by getting some lobsters. Now I don’t want to hear about how lobsters we have shipped down here in Texas aren’t like the huge ones in Maine so don’t even start. They were tasty and delicious and that is all that matters to me! Now, without further adieu, for your viewing pleasure…. I now present to you…. my lunch!


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