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This used to be in my neck



You might recall seeing a post from me a few years ago with an xray showing a plate and screws. During my second surgery my doctor felt like the bone had grown in sufficiently so he took out my old plate. Here it is.

Red means DEAD


Well in terms of teaching someone what a safety on a firearm does, red certainly means dead. For me, red means I have been playing Red Dead Redemption for way too many hours today. I can’t say enough about this game. It is fabulous, stupendous, enormous and all of the other “ous” words you can use in a good way. In short, the game just plain rocks. As you can expect from a Rockstar game, the characters are lively, the story is rich and you just can’t stop yourself from wasting tons of hours on the damned side games. If I could just figure out how to not die in every duel I would be less frustrated but hey you can’t win them all right? Another huge win from the rockstars at Rockstar. Thanks for soaking up hours of my life.

More back troubles


Well I knew it was too good to be true. My last back surgery was a great success for one of my bad discs. We had hoped that would allow my other bad disc to heal but alas hoping and reality are seldom the same. I have suffered a complete rupture of another disc and have to get surgery again. June 18th is the day. Send me all the prayers you can please, I need them.

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