This really is not a ploy to get on the front page of I am a lowly little database administrator at a great hosting company. But every time one of my client’s gets “Dugg” their site comes down. Lets just look at this logically and see Digg for what it really is… a huge DDOS network. And you, YES YOU!, Mr/Mrs/Ms Digg reader, are a lowly member of a botnet. You are merely a tool for DDos’ing poor little websites that can’t afford the 20 mysql servers it takes to handle all of the traffic you push to a site.

I had such an instance today and let me tell you the final solution was to create a standalone mysql cluster for our customer and let him “weather the storm”. I guess it is great to get your name out there, unless every hit to your website results in “Database Not Found” or some similar error.

For shame! Leave small websites alone or click on their damned paypal link and send them money for the site to have better hardware so you can browse their obviously interesting content. If they don’t have a paypal link, send me the money and I will find them for you… wait… YEAH!!!! Send *ME* the money.