I am an pretty strong user of MySQL. I don’t code in C so I don’t really dig through the source very much but the fact that the source is available to me is a pretty big plus in my book. Mainly because if I wanted to change it, I can (in theory). I am currently in Santa Clara, CA attending my 5th (I think) mysql user conference and I get the news that Sun/MySQL has decided to close source certain parts of their server to try to make some money from the mysql community. Read Here. This really wouldn’t be all that surprising except that Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun, just spoke to us on Monday about how Sun is committed to open source and the open source community. How can you say that one day and then do this the next day??? You might have noted from my Twitter posts that he “joked” with the phrase “Enough of this free software stuff” in his keynote. Keep in mind he did smile and laugh and taken out of context that seems more damaging than it came across but nonetheless this makes me question his sincerity. I have spoken to some MySQL/Sun employees, who will remain nameless, that are sorely against this move and they have assured me that this will not stand if they have anything to say about it. But you have to ask yourselves [addressing the mysql employees brave enough to talk about this with me], When you are one in 400 you may have a say but one in 40,000 makes you a glitch in the radar, not a blip. Good luck guys, I hope this works out.

On a side note, to all of the so called mysql users throwing around “I better brush up on my postgres”, puh-freakin-lease! Even if Sun closes off the source of some obscure feature, I would venture to say that 99.9% of you are like me, DB geeks. You weren’t gonna change anything in the server anyway. And do you seriously think that some huge group of software engineers wouldn’t take the last GPL version and fork the project? Stop being drama queens and wait til it settles. And for the love of god, or whomever you choose to believe in if anyone, don’t go to a database server that offers you a trigger based replication as it’s best scale out method.